Support / Advice / After-Sales Service

Exclusive to COMEP

Maintenance of your existing moulds, impact matting, repolishing and full refurbishment! Replacement of your shim washers with innovative LFC type products. No need to lubricate your tools any more!

COMEP provides technical support for every aspect of your project.

Our team of technicians is at your disposal 24/24 for assistance around the world in the following areas:-

- Help with assembly (moulds and custom parts)
- Help with the blowing process
- Advice / engineering / installation of your bottling line / incorporation.
- Training in France and abroad / DIF possible (accreditation n° 54 16 00 759 16 valid in France only).



To optimise your production facilities, your blow moulding machines need to be maintained and repaired as this represents an efficient way in which to improve operations.

COMEP offers several options to meet your requirements:-

1. Repairing blow moulding machines on your production site
"upgrading” of assemblies and sub-assemblies.

2. Supplying and installing parts linked to the change of preforms and/or bottles
Assistance during assembly / industrial start-up of your bottling line.

Our technicians carry out diagnostic visits in order to get a precise idea of the state of your blow moulding machines. After this visit, a full report is submitted to you, detailing the COMEP technicians’ recommendations.


Objective diagnosis as it is not carried out by the OEMs.
Short lead-time.