Sectors of Activity


/images/Digitalisation-Comep• Manufacture of spare parts (stretch rods, stretch rod stoppers, output wheel, input wheel, three sector wheel, spindle, blow nozzle, ejector…)

After diagnosing your machine:

We carry out laser digitalisation on site in order to recreate your machine kinematics.

We design, optimise and manufacture all spare parts used to transfer the preforms / bottles into your blow moulding machine.

At COMEP we can upgrade your blowing machine to new types of necks:-

- type 29/25 instead of neck 30/25
- type 1881 instead of Traditional PCO / BPF neck
- type 33 mm instead of neck 38 mm
- ..


Over the last 8 years, we have equipped approximately 10 machines a year in order to improve your competitiveness by reducing the weight of the necks of your bottles, and the bodies of your bottles.

In addition, we make the clamshell type parts related to the mould environment, Series 1, Series 2, Series + , Universal for SIDEL, KRONES type contiform S, KHS blomax I, II, III, Krupp BO177 machines … or for other brands such as ADS®, SIPA®, SACMI®, SMI®, SIG CORPOPLAST®, SIAPI®, TESCOR, ONE BLOW, SIDE, UROLA…

All COMEP tools and spare parts are guaranteed 24 months!