Sectors of Activity


First and foremost reactivity, this cell allows you to technically and commercially qualify your PET bottles in record time for 0.25 L to 5 L forms.

Stage 1
After validating the PET bottle design, COMEP designs and manufactures your prototype or preindustrial mould for all types of ADS KRONES®, KOSME®, KHS®, KRUPP®, SIDEL®, SIPA®, SACMI®, SMI®, SIG CORPOPLAST®, SIAPI®, TESCOR, ONE BLOW, SIDE, UROLA machines and others.


Stage 2
COMEP blows samples in its laboratory fitted with a mono cavity electric /images/preforme_bouteille_pet_2

Two solutions:

1. Test on your own bottling line / with or without the support of a COMEP technical team.

2. Test and pre-series if required on our blowing machine.

Machine capacity: from 25 ml to 5.5 L
Semi-industrial rate of production on mono cavity machine (800 bottles/ hour).

Stage 3
COMEP tests the blown containers (Top Load, Thickness, Section Weights, Main dimensions controls)

Stage 4
We pack the bottles and send them to you for validation. All these operations are completed in 2 to 3 weeks.