Sectors of Activity


L'équipe Comep

Two years ago COMEP put in place a three-person R & D / Innovation cell.

This cell monitors technical developments in the market and analyses, modifies, and optimises PET blowing technology related to the moulding environment.

In particular we carry out extensive work on programs designed to optimise the energy consumed during the blowing phase, which gave rise to the COMEP Low Pressure Bottom Patent for still and carbonated products.

The long-term results of this patent are also very encouraging with regard to optimising the weight of the bottles and high speed bottle blowing (more than 2,000 bottles/hour).


In addition, following numerous requests from OEMs or partner clients, we have optimised the mould and its environment, by creating or adapting quick change systems (mould / insert , mould / mould holder, mould / machine) for all types of machine (mechanical pr pneumatic… ) or by optimising existing systems.

We also produce and set up ranges of standard mechanical parts designed to facilitate the interchangeability of tools on your different blow moulding machines.

Finally, we take environmental matters very seriously. COMEP develops and adapts (on existing moulds) parts that limit / or even remove all need to lubricate blowing tools, and it goes without saying that we pay particular attention to the sources from which we obtain our materials.