Sectors of Activity


In 2012, at COMEP we are able to offer you a production capacity of 6,000 blowmoulds a year, which means that we can work to very tight deadlines and ensure large production volumes (such as the international launch of a range of bottles).

• Manufacture of PET blow moulds for all types of linear and/or rotary machines - ADS®, KRONES®, KOSME®, KHS®, KRUPP®, SIDEL®, SIPA®, SACMI®, SMI®, SIG CORPOPLAST®, SIAPI®, TESCOR, ONE BLOW, SIDE, SERAC, UROLA…

Our resources: 10 HIGH QUALITY high-speed 4 and 5 spindle machining centres, high-speed turning tools…

• Manual polishing of moulds for better finishing – A highly experienced team of 10 professionals at your service, quality, flexibility and extreme reactivity.

• Treatment of external mould surfaces for improved durability / chromic hard anodising / sulphuric anodising / Nitriding.