History and expertise

Established in 1978 and springing from a long French industrial tradition, our original activity was the design and creation of GLASSWARE moulds.


COMEP was created in 1998 to focus on the design and creation of blowmoulds for drawn/blown PET bottles and satisfy the growing demand of the Global Market.

With more than 15 years’ experience in this sector, we are now able to offer you a full service:

• Design
• Industrial modelling

• Creating your specifications,

• Taking into account your technical and marketing constraints,

• Studies designed to reduce the weight of your future PET bottles,

• Spare parts for bottling lines fitted mainly with drawing/blowing machines such as: ADS KRONES®, KOSME®, KHS®, KRUPP, SIDEL®, SIPA®, SACMI®, SMI®, SIG CORPOPLAST®, SIAPI®, TESCOR, ONE BLOW, SIDE, SERAC, UROLA…



We have a database of more than 6,000 forms (still waters, sparkling waters, aseptic products, for a variety of sectors such as spring waters, mineral waters, home care products, spirits, milk, sauces / oils, miscellaneous).



• Prototyping & sampling of moulds and bottles

- Sampling and pre-series of PET bottles from 25 ml to 5 L

- 25 ml to 30 L mould

• Delivery times within 5 to 10 days

- Test on your blowing line anywhere in the world.



• Study, design and creation of industrial PET blowing facilities (cold cycle / for cold or hot HEAT SET mould) - 25 ml to 30 L mould _ Study, Design and creation of preform spare part / bottle for any blow moulding machines.

• Installation of blow moulding machines on site by a versatile and highly experienced team of technicians worldwide.

• Assistance with industrial start-up and ramping up of your bottling lines.

• Bottle test / top load / dimensional / volume / thickness / distribution of material ...

• Study and reduction in energy costs linked to consumption during the blowing phase via a Comep FBP PATENT.

• Servicing and repairing your blow moulding facilities.

• Training in mould assembly and blowing process.

• Miscellaneous - study and creation of special mould / aluminium box / special PET linear mould machine … complex shape …

A dynamic team of 60 people whose know-how is exported to 450 clients in over 80 countries. Resources appropriate to our ambitions: 1 installed machinebase, fitted with top-of-the-range tools / UGV - capable of producing 6,000 moulds a year over more than 6,500 m2 of roofed-in buildings.