Sectors of Activity


COMEP can supply you with:

- A 3D rendering, a 2D plan.

- A mockup in resin and/or plexiglass, either coloured or colourless.

- Pre-series bottles in PET (or other materials) blown by us.


For over 30 years, COMEP has been modelling and contributing to the industrialisation of bottles. Initially focussed on glass bottles, PET bottles were added to the range in 1998.

We have a library of more than 6,000 PET bottle forms, a figure that continues to increase daily.

COMEP offers and/or systematically adapts PET bottles in a way that takes into consideration your technical and economic constraints.

Together, we can draw up specifications based on:

  • Your technical constraints (blowing, bottling, logistics…)
  • Study of the preform by us or preform supplier.
  • Line constraint (still, sparkling, aseptic…)
  • Conveying, filling (hot, cold), capping, labelling, palletisation constraints…
  • Marketing constraints

We take into account the positioning and targeting of end consumer.