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With its worlwide proven experience in the PET industry, COMEP has always tried to improve the blow-molding process, giving us today a major advantage in the energy savings approach. As first mover in the Low Blowing Pressure Technologies, COMEP has developed the Low Pressure Base® and the Super Vented Mold® concepts. These patented technologies are a real revolution for all the bottlers. They allow them to reduce the blowing pressure from 30% to 50% and to generate signifant energy savings.

Many bottlers are already using this technology for more than 3 years and could confirm its benefits.
Thus, a 1.5L water bottle is blown on high speed machine with 13.5bars in Europe on more than 15 bottling plants.
2L flat & sparkling water bottles are blown on high speed machines with 21 bars in Europe on more than 8 bottling plants.

Innovative specifications
The venting optimization system between the bottle and the mold cavity allows a faster exhaust of the air with a lower blowing pressure. Venting holes are replaced by ventones lines : air moves in a homogeneous way.

The blowing process, less conventional, gives many methods of manufacturing, a better finishing of the bottle and a stronger and lighter base.
The Low Pressure Base has been developed to be suitable on most types of blowing machines and shells.

During these last 3 years, the industrial applications prove that , on a Sidel SBO18 S2 machine, with a flat base and a super ventilated mold, we can blow a 1.5L water bottle passing from 30 to 13 bars. It means a saving of 85000.00EUR/year.
For a 1.5L CSD bottle, with a petaloidal low pressure base, blowed on a Sidel® SBO16 S1, we pass from 32 to 22 bars which means a saving of 59000.00eur / year.

Since 2012, more than 1000 low pressure technology systems has been sold by COMEP all over the world.

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